Communications in Security Industry is unique to every contract, site and operational need. We have the solution to every cenario immaginable. There is no terrain or topography, city building or complex to difficult to service.Combined we have more than 60 years experience in operational management and controll and understand the dinamics thereoff. Our mission is to set in place a practical workable communications network enhancing your response time and effectiveness in your core business

From Cape to Cairo the landscape and farming industry is as diverse as the universe.There is no two farmers managing their livestock and aggriculture in the same manner therefore we apply our technology to your need and current systemsTwo Way Radio Shop have available the latest technology and equipment to satisfy your need in communications enhancing your farm managing capability. Regarding safety we deliver products identifying your station to assit you in a farm attack or emmergency situation

4X4 HUNTING CAMPING!!GETTING LOST!! No Chance!!You set the pace we match the speed!.4X4 Leisure and or Rescue we have the technology to keep you on track and in controll of the relevant situation, with handheld, mobile and portable repeater systems in mountaneous terrain.May it be Ground to Air, Land to Maritime or any combination communications we have the technologyCamping and holiday keep in touch on the road between vehicles in convoy and make it enjoyable for the kids with freeb