Description: 207 memory channel Include 200 memory channels and 6 scan channeld and 1 call channel 2.5 kHz STEP FOR VHF/UHF Ensuring full compatibility with all channel loading requirements, the VX-4600? synthesizer provides 2.5

Description: The VERO VR-500 professional two way radio offer 5 watts,the VR-500 Professional two way radio designed for daily use while being very practical and economical.The VR-500 offer 16 channels, it support 50 groups CTCSS and 105 groups DC

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Description: This radio covers 10 meters, 6 meters, 2 meters and 440 (only FM mode). TYT sent a semi-working model for me to show at Dayton. It would light up with menus working and etc. Those who played with the display said it is a clone of the Ya

Description: Dual band mobile transceiver BJ-9900( We will put it into market ) Main featurers: VHF/UHF dual reception Front panel switches & controls Compandor DTMF encode/decode(8 groups selectable) 7 kinds of backli

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Description: eiDaxin FDA380 UHF 400-430mhz Ham radio FD-A380 Technical specifications Special features High power output: PMR Compliant Monitor function Wired clone functio

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