GS-A835MV . Thrilling bass system, 40mm professional heavy bass coil-moving diaphragm, 16μ super-thin diaphragm and the magnet adopts high-magnetization Nd-Fe-B magnet 400 KJ/m3, 50 to 20,000Hz frequency response range makes the sound most beautifully described.
2. High sensitivity microphone, it is good for talking by Skype and MSN. You can get true digital quality and a noise canceling technology to filter out unwanted background noise and deliver better voice recognition, better voice command, better voice recording;
3. Distinctive counterflow system makes sound quality not influenced by speaker airflow;
4. Non-toxic tensile OFC high-purity oxygen-free copper wire with 2.2 metre long;
5. Multifunction headphone design with low impedance of 32 Ohm, it fits for different kinds of multimedia device, such as Mp3, Mp4, PSP, CD, Mobile Phone and PC, etc.;
6. Stylish gift box packing leads a gift idea.